S&P500 (ES) Retesting Weekly Chart Ascending Wedge Support

The S&P500 (ES) is trying to bounce going into today's European morning after sliding 9 of the last 10 sessions. Significantly, although ES is precariously just above ascending wedge support (on the weekly chart), a successful break back above downchannel resistance (on the 4hr chart) should not be ruled out and would likely defer any more decisive weekly close below the weekly chart ascending wedge support until at least following the US election November 3. Nevertheless, ES has all but formed a lower October high versus the September high, and if followed by a lower November low versus the October low, will confirm the major topping pattern that's in its late innings. Congratulations to paying subscribers who profited fromthe February 18th analysis one day before the record high in the ES, warning of the pending slide in the S&P500, and fromthe June 9th report highlighting the looming completion of the ascending wedge on the S&P500. The weekly and daily RSI, Stochastics and MACD are tiring or steadily sloping down. I am looking to go short in the red zone (of the daily chart), targeting the green zone for Monday. The amber/yellow zone is where I might place a stop if I was a swing trader (although in my personal account with which I seldom hold overnight I sometimes set my stops tighter).

S&P500 (ES) Weekly/Daily/4hr

ES (S&P500) Technical Analysis

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Cross Asset Year End Technical Analysis Webinar

Date:Dec 1, 2020 Tues 10am EST

Host:Interactive Brokers

As this eventful year comes to an end, traders are looking ahead to 2021 with some economies expected to reopen, while others remain closed. Given some financial industry titans were caught off guard in 2020 by not anticipating the March global equities selloff, and more than a few missing the record breaking gains since, traders have increasingly asked how they could have better predicted either move. To cut through some of the media noise around the impact of Covid-19, Tradable Patterns Darren Chu will comment on potential trend reversal and momentum opportunities going into the new year. Darren will apply technical analysis to the monthly and weekly charts of the most widely traded markets in his futures and FX Watchlist, as well as to Bitcoin and a basket of US mid and large cap equities. The audience will have an assumed intermediate level understanding for technical analysis, futures, FX, Bitcoin and equities.

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Bitcoin (BTCUSD) Nears Upper End of 2 Month Consolidation As Election Nears

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) is nearing its 2020 high ahead of the highly anticipated US election Nov 3, with increasing expectation for a contested resultalong with rising institutional adoptiondriving inflows into BTCUSD, offsetting recent pressure from concerns over security/regulatory risks at centralized crypto exchanges like Kucoin, Bitmex and OKEX. Get thelatest Bitcoin biweekly commentary(published Oct 20)withICE Futures Singapore.

Bitcoin/DeFi Webinar Now Available

Honoured to share the stage withApollo CapitalandIntercontinental Exchangein discussing whatDeFistremendous growth means forBitcoinand broadercryptoadoption.

Crypto Weekly Outlook

Crypto Weekly Outlook

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Get your coffee today? You can now enjoy your brew withCoffee Daily - Tradable Patterns' Arabica and Robusta Coffee Futures technical analysis newsletter,published Monday to Friday before the London open. Write toinfo@tradablepatterns.comfor pricing details and sample reports as of the July 13 launch, illustrating how the massive moves since were hinted through pattern recognition.

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Equities & ETFs

Latest trades published for Premium Members Oct 8th.

Equities & ETFshas taken on a new format where it is now an Entries/Exits style service inspired by technical analysis on a collection of equities and ETFs.The 25 equities and ETFs initially profiled for their beaten down, trend reversal potential, between April 17 to May 22, 2020, have mostly ran up tremendously since then, and are assumed to be closed trades as of June 10th using the day's opening price.Congratulations to allPremium Memberswho profited from these long equity/ETF ideas soon after they were initially profiled.

I will look to explore newlong/shorttrade ideas on Equities & ETFs withPremium Memberswith a target of 5 multi-week to multi-month swing trades each month.Premium Membersalso have access to monthly and weekly chart technical analysis for 5 Equity/ETF markets each Saturday.

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